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There were rumors about monsters wandering the country. Insect-like creatures that almost looked like humans. They wanted weapons and people who knew how to use 'em.

A boy who can't die, a professor who refuses to teach, and a hunter out of a job. They're a trio as disjointed as the world they've agreed to cross together. 

Some work is more important than money.

Val is what some people would call precocious, and others would call a monster. Professor Williams calls him a pain in the ass, and that's good enough for Val. He doesn't know what the hunter calls him, but he knows he would like to find out. 

Humans really are the most interesting things…


Stats: 165,000 words (including bonus chapters) | BL | transmasculine erotica 

Tags: 18+ | body horror | graphic depictions of violence | explicit sexual content | noncon | brocon | for a more in-depth list containing mild spoilers, please click here.

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The main story of KNIVES IN YOUR EYES is available for free to read on ao3 over here. This listing serves as both a tip jar, and a way to purchase the two bonus chapters set after the events of the main story. All monetary support is greatly appreciated!


Buy Now$8.00 USD or more

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Believe it or not, Knives In Your Eyes is a love story.

I’ve devoured this book like a demon after picking it up when I first came across it on AO3 with a couple of chapters out, I ended up buying this book to find out how it ends. I fell in love with the characters and the worldbuilding, I enjoyed how there wasn’t a boatload of infodump about the worldbuilding, it slowly reveals to you little by little while developing the characters’ development in relation to each other.

If you’re into found family, monsters, manifested concept of everything that makes one a human being and characters healing each other’s trauma through the power of love, you won’t be disappointed by this book.